The SYNEXIN group has developed thanks to the addition of the technical and human skills of each of its companies: STERIGENE, STAURATEC & DUTREVE. At the same time, it is by placing our trust in all of our employees, who come from different backgrounds, that we share strong common values ​​today.



Our sector of activity is demanding, and that is why we need qualified employees!


What do we all have in common? Offer our clients concrete business expertise applied to all of their needs!

To do this, we focus on training and supporting our employees through comprehensive technical training courses, regardless of their initial professional background.

In addition to this professional expertise, we are very attached to the personality of our employees! Desire, determination, motivation, ambition are the qualities that we look for in each of them.



Our Group is moving forward, and that’s why we need employees who are evolving!


Parallel to the development of our professional expertise, we promote and support each employee in their professional development prospects.

All our vacant positions are open to internal applications and each profile is studied in the recruitment process.

We do not hesitate to create positions with regard to the development of our employees! The primary objective is for everyone to feel at home in the role they play within the Group. We are very attached to the internal mobility of our employees and to their support in this process because it is a real source of personal development.



We are all different, and that’s why we have made it our strength!


We do not seek conformism, we are convinced that each difference, provided they are put into synergy, is an enriching asset for our Group.

No one is able to master everything, to know everything, which is why we encourage multiple experiences and teamwork. Different points of view lead to improvement, to progress, to evolve.

We also promote the development of our employees by supporting them in their personal development projects through individual contractual adaptations.