Through the expertise and partnerships of our various entities, the SYNEXIN Group brings together a multitude of partners in critical environments.


Founded in 1992, the company specialises in the design and development of industrial electronic systems. Cantium Scientific, a UK company, specialises in microbio bioaerosol samplers and air samplers. Calibration and IQ OQ PQ qualification services are offered to meet customer requirements and standards in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, laboratories, etc. We are their distributor in France.

Krantz develops, designs and manufactures air distribution products, filtration and containment systems. They are experts in ventilation products used in the construction and decommissioning phases of nuclear facilities. Their products enjoy an excellent reputation and are used wherever quality and reliability count, whether in a cleanroom, a nuclear facility, a high-security laboratory, an isolation room, or public and commercial buildings. Their reputation is well established. We are their distributor in France.

MANDÍK is a Czech family company established in 1990. It is a leading manufacturer of air handling and fire safety components, air handling units and industrial heating systems. It has made a name for itself thanks to its focus on product quality, the flexibility of its organisation and its high production capacity, as demonstrated by recent projects for metros, tunnels and nuclear power stations all over Europe.


BREVETTI ANGELA has worked closely with many players in the pharmaceutical industry to meet their primary packaging needs.

Brevetti Angela offers innovative Blow-Fill-Seal process equipment developed so that container formation, filling and sealing take place on a single machine in a controlled environment, enabling the aseptic packaging of liquid pharmaceutical products.

DARA Pharmaceutical Packaging is the leader in aseptic filling, screwing and crimping of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

The group designs latest-generation process equipment for filling and sealing bottles, vials, cartridges, syringes and bags for the treatment of liquid, semi-solid and powder products under sterile conditions. The process equipment can operate individually or form a complete production line.

FEDEGARI has diversified its production by creating process equipment specialising in sterilisation and bio- decontamination: pharmaceutical autoclaves, isolators for sterility tests, washers/washing booths and steam washers and automated environmental contamination control systems.

The group has developed a high-performance and innovative control interface to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s most stringent requirements, the Thema4, installed on all autoclaves, biological decontamination units and all other Fedegari machines (isolators, washers, washer-sterilisers, etc.).

OPTREL – Stevanato Group has developed advanced visual inspection technologies for pharmaceutical products including parenteral drugs, injectable products and solid dosage inspection using automatic and semi-automatic testers.

Fast, efficient and reliable, Optrel is a visual inspection specialist that meets each customer’s unique requirements.

STILMAS Masco Group is an industrial and engineering company specialising in the research, design, development and production of high-tech systems – multi-effect distillers, pure steam generators and distribution networks – for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and cosmetic industries.

STILMAS designs a range of production equipment, as well as complete storage and distribution systems for purified water, water for injection and pure steam obtained by chemical, thermal and mechanical technologies.

ABEBA is one of the largest suppliers of work and safety footwear in Europe. Its expertise in ESD, ATEX and cleanroom enables our customers to meet their business requirements.

A complementary partner to our range of single-use garments, Alsico High Tech is a global supplier of retractable garments for cleanrooms and ESD environments. Alsico High Tech offers a wide range of coveralls, coats, balaclavas, face masks, boots, jackets, pants, socks, covers, personal protective clothing for controlled environment environments.

BIMOS manufactures industrial workshop chairs for production – The perfect seating solutions for production. Adaptability and ergonomics.

To meet its customers’ expectations, STERIGENE has developed its own CleanView range in addition to the standard offer. As a true partner for our customers, we qualify your cleanroom consumables in accordance with the applicable standards and your needs: choice of material, cost-effectiveness and cleanroom quality.

One of the largest manufacturers of contamination control products for clean environments. Innovative solutions in fabrics and materials for an excellent mastery of decontamination protocols.

Provides world-class scientific and technical innovations with innovative products, materials and services. In particular, our partner offers garments made from Tyvek®, a unique and versatile material that is both resistant and extremely light and soft. This material forms an excellent protective barrier against fine particles and fibres.

With its “Kimtech” range, Kimberly clark is a leading manufacturer of gloves, disposable clothing and technical wiping products for industries where contamination control is required.

With 40 years of experience, TIGER VAC has successfully established itself on the international market as a manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaner systems for controlled areas and ATEX zones.

Vikan is one of our partners in critical environments and the world’s leading supplier of cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry and other sectors requiring rigorous hygiene.