STERIGENE, a SYNEXIN Group company, has obtained CQP certification!

What is a CQP?

A “Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle (CQP)” is a vocational training certificate which recognises the skills and know-how required to practise a profession.
It is therefore a good performance indicator for upgrading your teams or choosing candidates when recruiting.

STERIGENE, a SYNEXIN Group company, has been accredited for 5 years for the following CQPs:

  • packaging line operator CQP
  • manufacturing process operator CQP
  • CQP in packaging process management
  • CQP for pilots of dry, liquid and paste manufacturing processes
  • drug production equipment maintenance technician CQP

These qualifications are awarded by the CPNEIS (the French national joint committee on employment in industries in the health sector).


What’s it for ?

In the pharmaceutical industry, the CQPs are adapted and awarded by professionals from these sectors.

These certifications are based on the professional skills acquired by candidates. They are regularly updated in close collaboration with companies in order to adapt as closely as possible to changing needs.

What’s in it for you ?

  • Recognition of the know-how of your teams and improved management of their professional development
  • The knowledge that you are recruiting an operational profile that matches your needs
  • Staying competitive by monitoring emerging skills


Our support:

We help you every step of the way:

> Audit and study of your needs to select the CQP best suited to your requirements
> Information and support for your employees
> Help with your external recruitment processes
> Training for employee tutors in tutoring on the company’s commitment, the supervision of trainees and the quality of tutoring, which are all key factors in the success of the CQP.
> Implementation of training up to and including employee certification.


CQP training programmes are tailored to the specific features of your production site’s processes, in line with the CQP reference framework.

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